About World Growing

World Growing

World Growing was established by a group of people who dedicates to help people embrace their life by offering them new electric heating household products with innovative technologies. It is named for its passion to provide high-quality electric heating household products in daily life. In the past years, World Growing has saled electric blankets, electric throw, heating pads and heating wraps for hundreds of people. World Growing always look forwards to providing products to make your life healthier and more comfortable.

World Growing is dedicated to bringing the world high-quality electric heating products, including electric heating pads, wraps, throws, blankets and etc. Woomer is a newly rising brand but wins a great popularity over several years due to the up-to-date heating technology and humanized design. Our high-quality products and service are widely acclaimed and we continue to upgrade and innovate to meet our customers' needs and expectations.

World Growing Mission

World Growing aims to provide electric heated products which offers you maximum coziness and warmth in daily life. Our products use premium fabrics and innovative heating technology to ensure the safety and functionality. You can gain instant warmth and comfort at anywhere, and a variety of products with different features and functions are available for meeting your needs. World Growing hopes to make your lives easier, warmer and more pleasant.

World Growing Vision

World Growing keeps upgrading the heating technology to do better in warmer life.

More series of products will be launched to surprise you and warm up every second of your life.

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